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“Manufacturers and retailers are looking to build consumer adaptive supply chains. Dynamic has become as critical as efficient”1

Supply chain requirements differ by fashion sector, by channel and by product. The name of the game is responsiveness, agility and flexibility with an optimally managed cost structure. Our whitepaper is based on insights from senior executives from across the fashion industry and helps give you the insight to understand this new world order.

Best practice fashion supply chains are migrating toward a model in which participants operate as an interconnected web of trading partners, all aligned to deliver what the customer wants regardless of channel or product category.

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1ACCENTURE. Corporate Agility: Six ways to make volatility your friend. By Walt Shill, John F. Engel, David Mann and Olaf Schatteman. 2012, No. 3 issue of Outlook. Operations Why “dynamic” is as crucial as “efficient” By Gary R. Godfrey and Mark H. Pearson

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