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“Gone are the days when a brand name can distance itself from a far-away manufacturer or landfill site where their products end up. In an era of social media, where commercial reputations can be smashed overnight, there is no alternative but to take a holistic view, and be responsible environmental stewards along the entire lifecycle of a product, from raw material to disposal.”
Supply chain executive, global high tech company

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As consumer pressure to increase sustainability escalates, social responsibility is a corporate imperative. Creating closed loop supply chains offers profound environmental opportunities. Our white paper, prepared by industry author Lisa Harrington, identifies solutions that will reduce waste and capture added value. Drawing on the latest industry trends, learn how sustainable supply chains can create profitable new revenue streams.

Key highlights include:
  • The three major forces driving the shift toward the ‘green’ supply chain
  • Building the new environmental supply chain – the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle and recapture
  • The merits of adopting a control tower approach with a Lead Environmental Partner (LEP).

We hope you enjoy reading the white paper
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