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“Logistics costs traditionally were not of great importance in this sector. This is changing. Manufacturers now must figure out how to optimize their supply chains across their global footprint. They must figure out how to be more responsive, more agile – all at a competitive cost framework.”

Andy Ramsden, VP Global Sector Development,
Automotive, Engineering & Manufacturing, DHL Supply Chain

To win in this new environment engineering and manufacturing companies must construct leaner, more resilient global supply chains capable of delivering products as well as lifecycle support. Our white paper, prepared by industry author Lisa Harrington, gives you the insight to redesign the supply chain and transform business agility. Drawing on the latest industry trends, learn how lean and resilient supply chains can enable E&M companies to adapt.

Key highlights include:
  • The three key trends driving engineering and manufacturing sector change
  • Building the new supply chain – managing visibility, lifecycles and risk
  • How leading engineering and manufacturing companies are adapting to transformation.
We hope you enjoy reading the white paper.

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